Inogen Awarded Department of Veterans Affairs Contract

Inogen just secured a federal supply contract to offer portable oxygen therapy systems to federal agencies and patients served by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and all other federal government agencies.


This contract allows the Inogen One to be sold and distributed through the GSA Advantage buying group, which is operated by the U.S. General Services Administration. By securing this federal supply contract, Inogen will be able to provide its award-winning oxygen concentrator to thousands of veterans across the nation.


For thousands of veterans, this means better access to the Inogen One and the freedom and independence it provides. The Inogen One is proudly made in America and each device is covered by a three-year limited warranty on parts and workmanship to the Department of Veterans Affairs and all other government agencies.


Inogen One offers users an unparalleled level of convenience without the limitations of traditional oxygen tanks. Now oxygen therapy patients covered by the VA medical program or another federal agency can enjoy the Inogen One lifestyle and eliminate the worry of running out of oxygen.


Thanks to this supply contract, veterans and oxygen therapy patients in all 50 states will be able to experience the freedom and quality of life that the Inogen One delivers.

25 thoughts on “Inogen Awarded Department of Veterans Affairs Contract”

  1. Melvin Carey says:

    I am eligible for oxygen concentrater. I prefer inogen g 3. Please call 913 381 2022 thank you Melvin carey

  2. Felicia Felix says:

    Please contact me regarding my mother a WWII vet.

  3. henry gordon says:

    in a nursing home need portable unit gold card holder

  4. Glenn Reader says:

    I'm VA 100% veteran and have COPD and on oxygen at the present time how do I get one of these portable units.

    1. Rodney Moore says:

      I am 100% disabled Vietnam Vet. with C.O.P. D. I have full medical benefits from the V.A. but getting the complete run around on getting a portable concentrator. I would like a inogen one G-4 unit. How about helping me with this. Thank You

      1. Inogen Inogen says:

        Hi Rodney, The G4 is currently a ‘for purchase’ item. The best way to get a G4 unit is to contact us so we can discuss options with you. Please call 1-800-678-5572 to speak to an Oxygen Specialist.

  5. Orban Hallum says:

    I hope I am covered by the VA to get a battery portable oxygen unit that I will be able to carry. I have the aluminum cylinder type and it is too heavy and difficult to move around with.

  6. john coggins says:

    What is the cost to the veteran?

    1. Web Admin Web Admin says:

      Please call and speak with an oxygen specialist. They can go over all your options and help you.

  7. Michael Mathieu says:

    I am currently under a Medicare contract until 8/2018, and am on oxygen 7/24 and at a setting of 4. The tanks are very restrictive for my movements, practically not allowing me to leave my residence. Unfortunately, no one told me about the conflict between Medicare and VA, that I could only use one until the complete Medicare contract runs out. My quality of life right now is at its lowest,not being able to leave my residence, I live in a rural area in the mountains of North Carolina. I need assistance with VA on getting a portable oxygen concentrator that I can carry over my shoulder, and utilize the cars power supply. Please help. I am retired Army, 20 years, and am 100% VA disabled, as a result of disease under combat conditions

    1. Web Admin Web Admin says:

      I understand. Inogen One systems can can be carried over your shoulder. You can also look at getting a backpack. I suggest you contact your local VA and discuss your options. Thank you so much for your service.

  8. John B Elieff says:

    My husband has been put on oxygen 24/7. I have read that he can get a portable unit through the va. Is this true? And how would we go about getting one?

    1. Web Admin Web Admin says:

      Yes it is. Please contact your local VA for assistance.

      1. John B Elieff says:

        We contacted our VA office, they said they didn't know anything about it

  9. John B. Elieff says:

    My husband needs a portable oxygen concentrator to be able to walk again!

    1. Web Admin Web Admin says:

      Did you call in and speak with an Oxygen Specialist yet? The number is 1-800-678-5572. We are happy to help you.

      1. John B Elieff says:

        Yes I did

  10. Chester A. Bailey says:

    I am 100% disable Vietnam Veteran and am buying a home with my wife so I can leave nursing home.
    The Imogen would make it much easier for both of us not having to deal with these tanks.
    Colox has been providing my oxygen needs for over 10 years. If you are now contracted with the VA it shouldn't be difficult to switch to the Imogen which I have used in the past. We are moving to a rural area.

    1. Web Admin Web Admin says:

      Hi Chester, A sales representative will reach out to you shortly to discuss your options.

  11. Richard Hobbs says:

    I am a Nam Vet Marine who gave 22 yr of my life to our country. Agent Orange has taken it's toll. I can still taste that heavy white stuff our gov dropped on us by our planes. I am now restricted to the house because I cannot load the heavy oxygen tanks. I pray for some relief or help from people who haven't been there and would like to make my last years better and appreciated. I wish to drive to see my family and my country . Richard Hobbs USMC

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Richard, Thank you for your service to our country. We admire your hard work and dedication. We encourage you to contact your local VA and VA doctor to inquire about our portable oxygen concentrators. They will be able to discuss your oxygen therapy options.

  12. JoAnn Apitz says:

    Champa Va only insurance Is there coverage for this insurance? Have durable equipment prescription

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi JoAnn, Please visit your local VA to discuss your oxygen therapy options.

  13. Tom says:

    I asked my local VA physician about getting an oxygen concentrator and he said the VA wont pay for it; so Im still on oxygen bottles.

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Tom, Unfortunately it is up to your VA doctor's discretion to decide what oxygen therapy device he or she would like you to use. We do have a contract with the VA, so you may want to remind your doctor that.

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