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Summer Has Arrived

It seems like just yesterday that we were posting about a particularly harsh winter of 2013, but summer has officially arrived. June 20th was the longest day of the year, when the sun reached its farthest point north. If you use an Inogen One oxygen concentrator, now is a great time for activity.

Summer brings with it new opportunities to get outside, get active, and get together with friends and family. School is out, people all over are taking vacations, and the weather is more willing to co-operate. With Inogen, your oxygen use at home seamlessly translates to your portable oxygen. Summer weather makes it easier for you to be active and connect with others, and it also makes it easy for you to get outside and improve your health. According to a COPD study on movement vs. stagnation, fresh air was the most important aspect to participants for feelings of open airways and improved breathing. Fresh air was also found to have positive psychological effects, such as stress relief and relaxation.

Warmer weather, as enjoyable and beneficial as it is, also brings with it some potential dangers when it comes to COPD and medical oxygen. Symptoms for most COPD patients flare on days of high heat and humidity, and Everyday Health recommends staying indoors when the humidity spikes.

Inogen is proud to help people who require oxygen concentrators retain their independence and mobility. Here’s to a summer of freedom!

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Photo Credit: http://ow.ly/mfYso via Flickr.com/creativecommons/by-2.0/

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