Shoulder Bag vs. Backpack

Inogen prides itself on mobility and portability. Whatever your journey entails, Inogen portable oxygen concentrators can go along for the ride due to their unassuming profile. They’re small, light, and easy to carry – but what is the best way to carry one? Recently, we posed that question to the Inogen community on Facebook in the form of a poll.

User Poll: How do you prefer to carry your portable oxygen concentrator around?

a.) Shoulder Carry Bag

b.) Backpack

c.) Other bag

d.) No bag

It sparked an interesting discussion among users. Shoulder bag ended up winning out amongst respondents by a very narrow margin.


User Comments:

“I prefer the backpack”

 “I would prefer a backpack”

G2 Backpack

G2 Backpack










G3 Backpack

g3 Backpack









The backpack is a great way to carry your portable oxygen concentrator in a way where it feels like it almost isn’t there. It takes longer to put on and take off than the shoulder bag does, however, and is less accessible if you want to change the flow settings on the fly. 

Shoulder Bag

 User Comments: 

“I have both. I prefer the shoulder carry”

“Shoulder bag. But for a trip I used a backpack which was easier going through the airports and on planes” 

“I use the standard shoulder bag”

The G2 Shoulder Bag

G2 Carry Bag









The G3 Shoulder Bag










The shoulder bag is a great way to transport a portable oxygen concentrator around, with the ability to pick it up and set it down quickly and easily. Having it strapped over one shoulder or across the body makes for easy accessibility if you need to change the settings of the concentrator on the fly.

Other Options

Some users also like to use pushcarts in which the concentrator sits. The “no bag” option is probably sufficient for those that aren’t using their concentrator much on the go.

The best method of transporting the Inogen One is the method that feels most comfortable to you. Backpack, shoulder bag, or other methods are there to help you along the journey.

Did you miss our user poll? What is your preferred method of transporting your portable oxygen concentrator? Let us know in the comment section below!



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