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Oxygen Cannulas Are Now Available on Inogen.com!

Convenient Cannula Ordering

We’ve listened to your comments and requests and are excited to announce that Inogen will now offer Salter Cannulas for purchase on our website. Skip that trip to the drug store and order here* to have them shipped directly to your door.

Salter Cannulas

nasal cannula, oxygen cannula, cannula, o2 cannulaSalter Cannulas are designed with patient comfort in mind. Salter 16SOFT cannulas feature soft, curved prongs for a great and comfortable fit. The soft tubing relieves the pressure and irritation on the face and ears that’s often found with conventional cannulas.

Three Cannula Options

We have three tubing size options and they are available in packs of five. All lengths include 3-channel safety tubing to keep the air consistently flowing.

The three different options available are:

SKU Description Price
RP-169 16SOFT Cannula with 4’ Tubing $14.99 (Pack of five)*
RP-168 16SOFT Cannula with 7’ Tubing $14.99 (Pack of five)*
RP-230 16SOFT Cannula with 25’ Tubing $24.99 (Pack of five)*

*If you are a rental patient on service with Inogen utilizing your insurance, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-877-466-4364 to order any necessary supplies. Please note, if you continue to proceed with the transaction, you are confirming that you are purchasing additional supplies out-of-pocket instead of obtaining them through your insurance. Inogen will not submit the claim to your insurance and/or reimburse you for items.

Plan ahead and stock up on cannulas today! Order yours by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Oxygen Cannulas Are Now Available on Inogen.com!”

  1. Avatar catherine lindsey says:

    I am looking for a 2 foot cannula salter labs said the number was 1616-1-50 do you know about this cannula i own a inogen 4

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Catherine,
      We offer the 4 foot salter labs cannula here-https://www.inogen.com/product/oxygen-cannula/
      I do not know where you can find the 2 ft version. Good luck!

  2. Avatar brenda billmark says:

    My Mom is a new user of the G4.
    The cannula is nice and soft and
    we really like that alot. The only
    problem is that it bends at the attatchment
    site of the machine making it less effective.
    Is that common or maybe a falty tube?

    1. Inogen Inogen says:

      Hi Brenda,
      Please call us at 877-466-4364 and we can help you alleviate that issue.

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