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Inogen One G3

The Inogen One G3 System, our smallest and lightest yet, is set to arrive and help users achieve greater independence and mobility! We’d like to officially announce the arrival of greater ease of use in medical oxygen equipment…

The time has arrived to introduce the Inogen One G3 to the Inogen community and we are so excited to bring this wonderful new system into the Inogen One Family of Products. The hallmark of the Inogen One G3 System is portability, as this is medical oxygen concentration in a smaller, lighter format. This new concentrator weighs in at 4.85 pounds, almost 3 pounds lighter than the Inogen One G2. Never again will you have to worry about transporting a tank around. We are giving you spontaneity that maybe you hadn’t previously considered. When someone calls you and asks if you want to get a quick cup of coffee, you no longer have to first think of the logistics of your medical oxygen equipment: the Inogen One G3 can be powered by any AC power outlet, in your car, or by rechargeable battery each lasting up to 4.7 hours. In addition, a Double Battery is also available that lasts up to 10 hours.

The Inogen One G3 System aims to improve the lives of oxygen users as well as the lives of caregivers. Caregivers can take comfort in this round-the-clock device that makes getting around easier than ever. Being an overwhelmed caregiver is a very real concern for many throughout the United States – and if we can make your job as caregiver easier, then we’ve done our job.

Those of you who are new to the Inogen community will be delighted to learn that the Inogen One G3, like its predecessors, can act as your single solution oxygen concentrator day and night, thanks to Intelligent Delivery Technology. It may be portable, but it’s not only intended for on-the-go. It’s intended for anywhere, anytime.

Stay tuned on the Inogen One website and the Inogen One Blog for all developments revolving around this exciting launch!


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