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Announcing an Exciting Giveaway in Honor of COPD Awareness Month

Do you face obstacles in your everyday life related to COPD? Would you like to win a $500 Discount Shopping Card?  If you checked “yes” for both of these, then we have an interesting opportunity waiting for you…

Introducing the Inogen Share for COPD Awareness Giveaway, a unique opportunity to share your story and enter to win big. This exciting promotion comes in conjunction with Inogen’s Share for COPD Awareness campaign, running all through the month of November.

Enter to win the Inogen Share for COPD Awareness Giveaway

Entering the Share for COPD Awareness Giveaway is easy. The first step is to tell us your brief story of how you deal with and overcome COPD on a daily basis. No feat is too small – when dealing with COPD, simply getting out to the store and staying active is an accomplishment! We want to bring all those inspiring stories to the forefront, and reward our community members who don’t let COPD keep them down.

The second step is to enter your basic information such as name and email address. Click “submit” and you’re entered! The contest will run until November 30, 2013, and the lucky winner will be notified by December 13, 2013.

These inspiring story submissions are integral in spreading awareness of COPD. People need to know what it is, how prevalent it is and how to go about getting treatment. People also need to know that COPD does not control your life, that it can be dealt with positively, and that freedom can still be maintained. Spreading that awareness is at the heart of the November COPD Awareness campaign, which includes a resources page and success story flipbook in addition to the giveaway. Be sure to experience all that the Share for COPD Awareness Campaign has to offer after submitting your story to win the giveaway!

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