Fun With Your Freedom: December

Inogen Users know freedom and independence in their everyday lives. That’s what comes with a medical oxygen concentrator with the utmost portability. Each month we provide a few suggestions for things to do that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of doing with your old oxygen tank. Here are just a few ideas for enjoying your independence during the month of December.

1.  Attend a Holiday Fair or Christmas Stroll – These occur at the town or city level all across the country. Festivities can include town decorations, a large tree lighting, holiday markets and shops set up, and Christmas caroling. Scheduled throughout December, these events often require you to be outside for an hour or more, so it is important to dress accordingly.

2.  Purchase & Decorate a Christmas Tree – A December tradition for many families, getting a Christmas tree rings in the Holiday season in earnest. While we wouldn’t advise anyone with a portable oxygen concentrator to cut down their tree, there’s no reason that anyone should miss this trip with the family because of limitations stemming from oxygen.

3.  Enjoy Art & Architecture Month Discounts – December is Art & Architecture Month. Visit the closest Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art, or Museum of Architecture and inquire about promotions and discounts during the month of December. Senior citizens may get additional benefits and discounts. An Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator is perfect for a museum – the Inogen One G3 weighs less than 5 pounds, the single battery lasts up to 4.7 hours, and all units come with a travel bag.

4.  Ditch the Online Shopping and Get Out to the Stores – It’s nice that this season you can buy virtually any gift you want online, but there’s a certain feeling you get from shopping in-store during the holidays. If it’s anxiety, you should probably stay at home, but if shopping is one of the ways that you’ve traditionally gotten into the holiday spirit, then you should by all means venture out to the stores over the course of the next month.


5.  Make any New Year’s Plans You Want – Ring in the New Year with zero worry over your oxygen. Attend a party on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Enjoy a nice dinner out with friends or family. Whatever your new adventures or annual traditions are, the last thing that you should do is feel inhibited by medical oxygen. Looking forward to 2013, make sure to include more freedom and mobility in your resolutions – the possibilities are endless with Inogen One.

December can be a particularly active month – the beginning half filled with shopping and preparation, the latter half filled with festivities and traveling. Only you know what your limit is, but hopefully your independence to enjoy the Holiday season as you please knows no bounds.


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