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Exciting Times in the Inogen User Community

Looks like it has been a busy spring and summer so far for users of Inogen’s portable oxygen concentrators! Inogen is proud and excited to see users all over the country sending in photos and stories, all testaments to Inogen successfully doing its job in providing mobility and freedom to all users.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what some of our users have been up to lately:

Barbara Klinger belongs to the Bone Builders Exercise Program for Osteoporosis. She credits her oxygen concentrator with improving her energy.

Albert Weissinger brings his portable oxygen along with him every time he mows his lawn.

Albert Weissinger Testimonial

Erwin Smith, aka “Smitty”, credits Inogen for allowing him to continue his exercise routine, using the treadmill for 35 minutes, the bike for 20 minutes, and using free weights as well!

Erwin Smith Testimonial

Richard Morgan rides his ATV with his Inogen One G3. He recently completed a 4 day camping trip, charging his portable oxygen concentrator on his ATV by day and in his RV by night!

Richard Morgan Testimonial

Wilfred Biggs rode his horse Bill for five miles for his 72nd birthday with his portable oxygen in a duffle bag!

Wilfred Biggs Testimonial

Bill Franklin hiked the Palm Canyon in Palm Springs as part of a getaway with his wife, with his Inogen One oxygen concentrator in tow all the while.

Bill Franklin Testimonial

Thanks to everyone for sharing their inspiring stories with the rest of the Inogen community! Please send in more of your photos and stories, and continue to inspire us all.


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