COPD Awareness Month 2016

copd awareness month

It’s that time again, COPD Awareness Month 2016 is here!

This is a time of the year that healthcare professionals, patients, and others focus on promoting education and awareness for COPD in America.

During this month, we’d like to encourage YOU to support those living with COPD by:

  • Spreading awareness of COPD
  • Sharing information, resources, and success stories
  • Donate to COPD causes

Spreading awareness and sharing information, resources, and success stories

Many people may know of COPD, but not as many know about the actual implications and difficulties it presents to the people actually living with COPD. It’s time to get educated and spread awareness!

A few ways you can do this:

There are also resources out there that can be used to educate and share. Find blog posts (like Inogen’s blog), other COPD sites, and more to share helpful content.

We also want to know about any success stories from people with COPD! We have a feature on the Inogen website for you to submit stories for us to feature on our Customer Stories page.


Another way you can directly impact COPD awareness is by donating to causes dedicated to improving COPD awareness and helping those suffering from COPD. A great place to get started is the COPD Foundation Donate page.




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