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Inogen One G4: Innovative Oxygen Just Got Better

Over the past 15 years, the oxygen therapy market has been revolutionized through product innovations in portability. Inogen was one of the first to introduce a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) that eliminated the need for unwieldy oxygen tanks. Able to convert room air to almost pure oxygen, the Inogen One was smaller and lighter weight […]

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What to Look for in a Battery Operated Oxygen Concentrator

When you are researching portable oxygen concentrators, it can be helpful to look at the pros and cons that could affect your day-to-day experience using a battery-operated oxygen concentrator. Below are the most common pros and cons for the majority of customers.     Pros Cons Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) Can be used at home […]

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Keeping Your Portable Concentrator in Top Condition

The Inogen One G3 portable concentrator is known for being more lightweight, quieter, and more reliable than competitive portable concentrators on the market today. You may not know, however, that it has a unique feature making it ideal for the active person: replaceable sieve bed columns. How an Oxygen Concentrator “Makes” Oxygen The air we […]

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Finding the Best Oxygen Concentrator for Your Needs

When battling a breathing condition, you need the help that will be most effective to your unique situation. People of different ages and conditions have different needs, and that is why it is so important not to look for the best oxygen concentrator on the market, but for the best oxygen concentrator for your needs. […]

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Exciting News in Home Oxygen Therapy!

World, meet your new home oxygen concentrator. Inogen is proud to announce the launch of its new home oxygen concentrator, the Inogen At Home. This is Inogen’s first stationary oxygen concentrator, after manufacturing several innovative portable units, including the Inogen One G3 and the Inogen One G4. The Inogen At Home is for patients requiring continuous flow […]

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3 Easy Exercises to Do With Your Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator

If you’re like most people, you switched to a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) like the Inogen One G3 because it afforded you the freedom and independence that your home oxygen concentrator didn’t. Whereas once you were tied down to a cumbersome, stationary unit with endless miles of tubing, you’re now free to travel where you […]

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7 Oxygen Safety Tips

Many folks who use home oxygen do so safely and responsibly. Then there are those who, with or without knowledge of the risks involved, continue to smoke in the presence of oxygen. Although most burn injuries and fire-related deaths are not related to smoking and oxygen, statistics show that far too many of them are. […]

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Exciting Times in the Inogen User Community

Looks like it has been a busy spring and summer so far for users of Inogen’s portable oxygen concentrators! Inogen is proud and excited to see users all over the country sending in photos and stories, all testaments to Inogen successfully doing its job in providing mobility and freedom to all users. Here’s a quick […]

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