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What to Look for in a Battery Operated Oxygen Concentrator

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are becoming quieter, more portable, more energy-efficient and less expensive every day. While portable oxygen tank systems only allow for carefully timed outings, the latest portable oxygen concentrator systems allow you to do much more. With today’s portable oxygen concentrators, you can enjoy lunch and a movie with friends, spend more […]

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Keeping Your Portable Concentrator in Top Condition

The Inogen One G3 portable concentrator is known for being more lightweight, quieter, and more reliable than competitive portable concentrators on the market today. You may not know, however, that it has a unique feature making it ideal for the active person: replaceable sieve bed columns. How an Oxygen Concentrator “Makes” Oxygen The air we […]

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How to Purchase an Oxygen Concentrator

 Do you ever wonder how to purchase an oxygen concentrator? Thoughts of learning new equipment, changing your routine, and re-working your insurance tend to cloud your mind and make the process more daunting than promising. An oxygen tank usually isn’t better, but it’s what you know and are used to. Oxygen concentrators are enticing, but […]

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Exciting News in Home Oxygen Therapy!

World, meet your new home oxygen concentrator. Inogen is proud to announce the launch of its new home oxygen concentrator, the Inogen At Home. This is Inogen’s first stationary oxygen concentrator, after manufacturing several innovative portable units, including the Inogen One G3 and the Inogen One G4. The Inogen At Home is for patients requiring continuous flow […]

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3 Easy Exercises to Do With Your Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator

If you’re like most people, you switched to a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) like the Inogen One G3 because it afforded you the freedom and independence that your home oxygen concentrator didn’t. Whereas once you were tied down to a cumbersome, stationary unit with endless miles of tubing, you’re now free to travel where you […]

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