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Early Indicators of Cystic Fibrosis

What is CF and what are the early indicators of Cystic Fibrosis (CF)? Cystic Fibrosis is a hereditary disorder that disrupts cells programmed to produce lubricating body fluids such as sweat, digestive acids and respiratory mucus. Although these cells are still able to produce fluids, the secretions are abnormally thick, sticky, and detrimental to the […]

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9 Fall Food and Fitness Tips

Rich, vibrant foliage – gentle autumn breezes – steamy cups of jasmine tea – warm buttermilk biscuits – the fall season brings with it a sense of peace and comfort that no other season seems able to emulate. It also marks a special time for reflection and reevaluation about what’s really important to us. If […]

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Adventures to Take Your Breath Away: Fall Outlook for Mobility and Travel

Inogen’s mission is better breathing for those that require medical oxygen, but Inogen’s goal is also to help people achieve moments that “take their breath away.” Whether it’s an adventure that otherwise could not have been accomplished, or simply being able to see friends and family more, Inogen portable oxygen concentrators provide mobility and freedom […]

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It’s That Time Again: Preparing for the Flu Season

It’s time to grab your winter coat and bundle up for colder weather. And, just as the planet prepares for the winter, so should you by getting your annual flu shot as soon as it becomes available. Once vaccinated, protection against the flu lasts throughout the entire flu season.1 Preventing Seasonal Flu Ben Franklin once […]

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11 Tips for Exercising with a Chronic Lung Condition

If you have a chronic lung condition and find exercising difficult, you’re not alone. Many people with respiratory problems avoid exercise because of the limitations imposed upon them by breathlessness.  But avoiding exercise is not the answer. In fact, it will only make your lung disease worse. If a chronic lung condition limits your ability […]

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The New Face of COPD: The Rising Prevalence of COPD in Women

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death in this country, behind only heart disease and cancer. Historically thought of as a man’s disease, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve started to recognize it as something more: a disease devoid of gender bias that, since the year 2000, has […]

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7 Oxygen Safety Tips

Many folks who use home oxygen do so safely and responsibly. Then there are those who, with or without knowledge of the risks involved, continue to smoke in the presence of oxygen. Although most burn injuries and fire-related deaths are not related to smoking and oxygen, statistics show that far too many of them are. […]

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Yoga & Cystic Fibrosis

The health benefits of yoga are well documented. It has been known to reduce stress and improve range of motion, strength, and breathing. But it also has been known to help manage certain conditions and diseases. Yoga can help with heart disease and high blood pressure and, as was recently discovered in a Minnesota Children’s […]

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Summer Has Arrived

It seems like just yesterday that we were posting about a particularly harsh winter of 2013, but summer has officially arrived. June 20th was the longest day of the year, when the sun reached its farthest point north. If you use an Inogen One oxygen concentrator, now is a great time for activity. Summer brings […]

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Unleash the Power of Age With the Inogen One

Don’t underestimate the power of age, especially during Older Americans Month! Since 1963, May has been the month to celebrate older Americans by recognizing and highlighting the many contributions made by those 65 and older to a country where coming of age is taking on an entirely different meaning. This year’s theme – “Unleash the […]

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