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4 COPD Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Your body will usually tell you when something is wrong, but the truth is that we often ignore these signs until they have progressed to the point that they are too serious to ignore. By that point, you may have missed an important treatment window, particularly with COPD. Read on to learn what symptoms indicate […]

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Importance of Social Distancing and Home Quarantining for COPD Patients

If you have a chronic lung disease like COPD, you should always be extra careful about avoiding respiratory illnesses. However, with the COVID-19 crisis and the speed with which it has spread around the world, it has become critical that people with lung disease practice careful social distancing and self-quarantine at home. This can feel […]

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COPD and Novel Coronavirus: COVID-19

COVID-19 has moved quickly across the globe. Though it is now worldwide, the recent spread of COVID-19 in the United States has worried many people, particularly those who fall into high-risk categories for severe symptoms and complications. Thankfully, there is a great deal we can do to remain calm, stay safe and reduce the spread […]

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9 Emergency Preparedness Tips for People with POCs

Around the world, we have seen an increase in the frequency of natural disasters in the last few years. From hurricanes and tornadoes to flooding and earthquakes to the increase in widespread wildfires, each of these emergency situations comes with the risk of extended power outages and potential displacement. For most people, power outages are […]

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5 Common COPD Triggers and How to Avoid Them

  If you have COPD, you know that certain things can trigger an increase in your COPD symptoms. Sometimes, those COPD triggers can even cause a COPD exacerbation, wherein your symptoms become more severe. COPD exacerbations, also called flare-ups, can be dangerous, so it is essential to do whatever you can to avoid them.  Below […]

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FAQ for COPD Caregivers

If you are a caregiver for someone with COPD, you may have a lot of questions about how to best care for your loved one or patient. Being a caregiver is an important role, and it can come with difficult days. As such, it’s important to stay informed and get the answers to your questions […]

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Does COPD Cause Chest Pressure?

There are a variety of different reasons for chest pain, and depending on the type of discomfort you are experiencing, it could mean different things. If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it is a good idea to be educated about what kinds of chest pain and discomfort are normal for you, and when […]

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Happy Falls Prevention Awareness Day!

Happy First Day of Fall! The Fall Equinox falls on September 23 and on this day, we observe Falls Prevention Awareness Day.  Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for people aged 65+, so on this day we encourage you to educate yourself and those you love on how to decrease […]

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6 Main Chest Congestion Causes

Chest congestion – that annoying tightness you feel in your chest and under and around your breast bone when you have excess mucus you are unable to cough up. It is a common symptom of many respiratory ailments, but when could it be a sign of something more serious? Let’s take a look at chest […]

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