California Dreaming

Sarah Groshong can now travel from coast to coast without worrying about running out of oxygen.
Read her story below:

“My first portable oxygen concentrator was not an Inogen, and it failed me once too often just weeks before a scheduled 8 ½ hour flight from Norfolk to San Diego. I had been told that Inogen made the best POC on the market, so I called to inquire about it. When I learned that the Inogen came with a lifetime warranty, I decided to buy it, and I am so happy now that I did. I found the Inogen One to be easy to use, easy to care for and able to get me from coast to coast in an airplane without the need of changing batteries! And it was so quiet that I often checked to make sure the green light that signals that it is working was on! I needed oxygen 24 – 7 during my visit to the beautiful town of Ojai CA, and I pulled my G2 around with me both through the town and up on the top of Meditation Mount outside of Ojai where I went to take photos. Thanks to Inogen, I can now look forward to more visits to California and the Southwest without having to worry about where my next breath is coming from!”

-Sarah Groshong, California


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